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  • ke** posted at 2/29/2024
    I'll make your English comprehensible for $5 and an order of chicken teriyaki wit some brown rice.
  • eas*** posted at 12/22/2023
    Our regular Asian cuisine delivery go to in St Paul for many years.   Lovely people prompt delivery good food.  
  • tgom**** posted at 11/28/2023
    TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. First time I have ever had to call about an order. The person who called me back started out by yelling at  me. Been eating here for years. NOW IM DONE WITH THEM. DONE!!
  • serin***** posted at 11/1/2023
    I ordered 75 dollars of food an all the rice was hard an they refused to give me a refund I will be calling corporate an as well as I will be there tomorrow to get my refund because this is ridiculous I always order from here an I never have a problem but today it is 
  • luna***** posted at 9/8/2023
    I specifically asked for no sauces and utensils because I didn’t need them. They were in the take-out bag. 
    Please, if you ask for special instructions for online ordering, then honor them.
    It costs you money and environment.
    We really like your food and want to support a neighborhood business.
  • wb*** posted at 6/26/2023
    🌍 Hello World! 🌍
  • rosie***** posted at 5/24/2023
    DO NOT USE ANY APP OR WEBSITE TO ORDER FROM HERE!! They all have different rules, and the restaurant will not make the error right or accept responsibility. I ordered $34, which should get me free wonton. There is no way to click the coupon, no code to add, and no where does it request code. I was supposed to psychically know to write a note. Where? who knows.
  • pixi***** posted at 5/18/2022
    I don't understand what the "extended order" section of your menu means. If I order the Chicken Lo Mein do I have to add the $1.oo Lo Mein from the extended order section or does that already come with it? I tried to call and ask but it was not explained. Just was told to put it in the notes section. I dont see steamed white rice as an option either. I really don't want to call again to try to figure this out.
  • mnmad***** posted at 4/26/2022
    Don't order from here, terrible customer service.
  • fatima******* posted at 8/8/2021
    We called, a guy answered and he refused to take order on the phone, sent us to a website that does not work at all. Called for help and he refused to help and was very rude. Bad customer service will never order from here again.
  • bunch***** posted at 5/13/2021
    NEVER ORDER FROM HERE> The person answering the phone was impatient and hung up on me 3 times. I have a disability and I use a service to make my calls, the staff refused to listen to my interpreter and hung up on me while I was ordering when I had just completed my order. I tried calling back and they refused to answer the phone. The man discriminated against me and my special needs, was rude to my interpreter, and verbally attacked us. Dont order from here.
  • mcgra****** posted at 4/1/2021
    Never Again.  I am quarenteening and the driver could not find the main door which is Huge Door in at the address given along with detailed instructions.  Payment is diputed and you willlnever be called again
  • l** posted at 2/13/2021
    Your order taker is rude. The customer is never right at your store.  You don't honor your discount coupons  even though they don't expire. I will tell my friends and post this often on the internet.
  • kmu*** posted at 4/8/2020
     I am a front line covid working nurse in twin cities Minnesota. I am reaching out for donations of meals/food for our front line healthcare workers, working on the covid units. A feeling of isolation on those units is common but when coming out of donning a nice meal or  snack a much appreciated. If so inclined to donate please let me know
  • terry****** posted at 3/26/2020
    New Asia
    You have a very nice web-page, easy to use, very functional and a great menu.
    I will be placing orders for both pickup and delivery but your open hours and hours of delivery were not on your website.  You did show a gadget for hours but there was no active link to it on your site.
    I know hours of operation may vary now with COVID-19 and you may not be able to have that information on your website.  Your web-page is excellent and the hours would be the only thing that you may consider or want to add.  I suppose with our first order you may also provide hour information on paper menu with the delivery.  Otherwise we can just inquire calling you and learn your hours that way.  Any feedback would be appreciated.  I will be making regular orders from your terrific menu.  Thank You
  • mjhe**** posted at 2/28/2020
    This place has gone so bad. 
    Our order was taking forever, called after 60 min they said driver just left. 
    Called 30 min later and they said someone cancelled my order. 
    Nobody could explain. 
    Sad I will have to find a new place after 10 years of loyalty. 
  • gabriell********* posted at 1/11/2020
    My mom order delivery from you we were all here heard her say roast pork Mai fun  we tried to call you to tell you you delivered Shrip I Am Severely Allergic to Shrimp All I did was open it and now I'm having breathing issues not only that but you hung up on my mom 
    We are calling the BBB on you for your rude attitude and if I go to the hospital because of your mistake I will come back and she you. 
    Also you get a very bad review on your service and food .
  • elli***** posted at 12/19/2019
    Hi, We LOVE the food from New Asia and have been ordering for many years and actually just ordered tonight.  Nothing bad to say about the food at all and the prices and portions are great, but I do get frustrated about the online ordering and the occasional omissions.  For example, tonight, and to be honest, the last three times I have ordered the Curry chicken, it has not come with the white rice.  Tonight, I even put "Please remember to include the white rice with the curry chicken" in the comments section.  You also often forget the egg roll with the dinner combos.  The times we've called about it, the restaurant has responded positively and sent out another driver with the missing items, but by that time, the family who got their items is already done eating and the other items are cold.  Is there any way you can make that easier or better so that it doesn't get overlooked?  Just about the only non-great thing I can say about this place.  Thank you.
  • naena***** posted at 11/27/2019
    I'm pretty sure we ordered the beef lomein yet got chicken chowmein. We always make  same order plus or minus one 1 person. 
  • Nylevec******* posted at 8/24/2019
    Who ever is answering the phone sounds like they are high or drunk! Only reason why i keep ordering from here is because the food is bomb! Y'all get someone who knows how to answer the customers needs and wants! and not make excuses on why the driver is now over 32 minutes behind the order!